Uncontrolled Karnataka Police

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Bengaluru, Marathhalli, (Aryavarth) Recently, someone has filed a case against the husband of 33-year-old Nandini (name changed) over business related differences. Nandini's husband was called to the Marathhalli police station and he was questioned. Also, when they did not get response as per their requirement they called Nandini to the police station and started interrogating the couple in connection with a minor transfer of one lakh within their bank accounts, which had nothing to do with this case. Nandini says that the matter did not stop here and expressing dissatisfaction with my answers,” the SHO stopped me at the police station without any investigation and proof, after which I was tortured throughout the night in various ways”. Nandini (sobbing) tells that “the night was one of the most frightening nights and a lot of my perceptions changed after the dreadful incident.” “I have now stopped relying on the city's police system.

Bengaluru, Marathhalli, (Aryavarth). The incident is as frightening as it looks from a distance or near. But today such incidents have become common in Silicon Valley and IT City Bangalore. The women of the city are now afraid to take their complaints to the police station. This is because in most police stations, cases of abusing and harassing women are coming to the fore these days. Our weekly newspaper Parivartan has been continuously opposing this issue. In this case, many types of questions have been raised on the image of the bureaucracy. But still the Central and State Government have not shown any seriousness on this till now. A survey conducted by the newspaper Parivartan has revealed quite shocking facts. During this survey, about one thousand people in different parts of the country were talked about the actions of the local police administration, in which about 96 percent people have accused the bureaucracy of being corrupt and running their own arbitrariness. He says that more corruption than politics is in bureaucracy. People even said that in today's time, the work of police stations is not being done to serve or help the public, but as a collection centre of the government. Where everyday people have to loose from their pockets to write a simple complaint. Perhaps this is the reason why the state and central government have kept silence in this matter.

Bureaucracy is not under the command of Government

In the present time, it has become very difficult to say or estimate in which direction the condition of the country is going. In view of some recent events, it will be understood that in today's time the bureaucracy was not under the government. They now decide their own way of working and work. Looking at the condition of local police stations, it seems that the police have imposed many restrictions on the public, but the bureaucracy itself has become unbridled. Rohit, a resident of Vasavanagudi, says that many times we have to make many rounds of the police station for small tasks. If the police officer wants, then the problem can be solved without disturbing the people, but it is not known why the officers sitting in the police station wearing uniforms consider harassing public as their showcase of strength . Sadly, they say that , even to file a complaint of theft of some paper, I had to go to the police station about seven times. Now how far is it right to disturb the general public for such a small task? They say that it is very important to curb bureaucracy.

Public upset due to corrupt bureaucracy

You must have heard that often when the police intervenes in a dispute over a dispute, then money is drawn from both the parties who created the dispute to resolve the matter. Whether the matter is in violation of traffic rules, or whether there is a mutual dispute, the task of the police is to resolve the matter. But here,police officers solve cases in exchange of money. Not only this, Vikas (fictitious name) of Malleswaram says that when I reached the local police station to complain about the land dispute, he asked me for money in lieu of filing a complaint. When I opposed this, he said that your complaint is baseless and nothing will happen from it. Saying this, he refused to lodge a complaint. Later I had to give them some money, after which they filed my complaint. Therefore, it became clear that corruption is still prevalent in the bureaucracy. Now money is being collected from the general public through other means, if not  under the table. Whom should common people ask for help in a country where the bureaucracy itself is corrupted?

Government failed to stop corruption

Whether it is the central government or the state government, both have failed to prevent corruption in the bureaucracy. Talking about the central government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while announcing the demonetisation said that now all the mediums of money transaction will be made digital so that corruption will be curbed, which has proved to be true to some extent. But the condition of the country's police stations remains the same even today. The  under table transactions is still alive here and it is fast growing. Compared to earlier, now unbridled police officers collect money from the public in the desired ways. On the other hand, the state government i.e. Karnataka government has also failed miserably to curb the bureaucracy. The general public believes that now it seems that the bureaucracy is not under the government, due to which there is no fear of the bureaucrats. That is, because of non-monitoring of the functions of the bureaucracy, they are not prosecuted for the wrong decisions and actions taken by them. This gives a bad message to the public that now whether moral or immoral bureaucracy can do anything, if there is any kind of mistake from the general public, then there is a provision for legal action and punishment. So, should we assume that in this country, the bureaucracy police have the freedom to do anything and there will be no action on them and they have the support of the government. But even if there is no wrongdoing by the people who form the government, then even the police administration can implicate them in a case and get them punished. The unfortunate thing is that everyone is aware of the corruption happening within the police administration, but no one has raised voice nor done any work in this direction.

Insecurity in the country

Today it would not be wrong to say that this country is becoming very insecure for the public, especially for women. Not only women of the country, but every year, various incidents of heinous crimes against women have come up in foreigners coming from abroad. This proves that even travelers coming from abroad are not safe in this country. However, despite these incidents, the government and police administration keep their ears closed and there is a feeling of insecurity in the country. A recent survey has revealed that the number of tourists in the country has reduced in the last ten years due to the unsafe environment in India. If the government does not take the matter into consideration soon, then the day is not far when tourists from abroad will stop visiting India.

What is the solution to the problem?

A senior police officer said that police officers are often transferred at their fault. While transfer is not a solution to this problem at all. The transfer of police personnel from the police station shows the art of ignoring the problem. They say that many times women are tortured unnecessarily and if the guards become the attackers then who will guarantee the safety of women? Experts say that police personnel found to be involved in such heinous acts should not be transferred, but each one should be suspended to set an example for new young police personnel to come. Officials say that this problem is not only in the state of Karnataka but also in different states of the country. In such a case, provisions should be made to give strict punishment to the police personnel found involved in the crime. Experts in security matters point out that in such cases the central government acts deaf. But I believe that they should not wait for small crime to become big and the central government must intervene in these matters. He says that it should not happen that tomorrow the people of the country lose their trust in the police administration and only the atmosphere of terror remains.

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