Police lost faith of common people

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Bengaluru, (Aryavarth)

It is clear that only Delhi Police is to blame for this vandalism. But the understanding here is that an FIR is not being filed against this misbehaviour with students inside a famous university in the country. What could be the reason for this? Why the state government and the central government are sitting silent on this subject? Why are efforts being made to snatch away their rights from students? Why innocent students were also dragged into this incident and the students sitting in the library were mercilessly beaten. On Monday, Vice Chancellor Najma Akhtar told a press conference that the Delhi Police is not registering their FIR and hence they will have to approach the court. Vice Chancellor Najma Akhtar also said that the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has started an investigation into police action against the students. A team of the Commission has visited the university and the statements of the aggrieved students have been recorded.How could this not happen that after this incident, the trust of the people is not lost from the police administration and the law and order of the country, which takes the responsibility of protecting the public from such behavior and such kind of incident. May it not be so that in the coming days, these agitating and protesting students should not make it bigger in anger. That is why it is necessary that the state and central government intervene in this matter and appropriate action should be taken against the culprits for the vandalism of the local police. This will not only reduce the anger of the students, but will also reduce the violence during the agitation in the coming days.

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